CIEE Japan celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015.

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About CIEE

The Council on International Educational Exchange, known as CIEE, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to helping people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

Founded in 1947, CIEE is the world leader in international exchange, delivering the highest-quality programs that increase global understanding and intercultural knowledge. We provide participants with skills, competencies, and experiences that elevate their ability to contribute positively to our global community.



In 1965 CIEE established an office in Tokyo. As part of the Exchanges division, it promotes a great number of international educational exchange programs. In 1989, CIEE Japan opened an office in the Kyoto International Community House, a primary base of international exchange in the Kansai area. The Fukuoka Office, which serves Southern Japan, opened in 2002. Over the last 50 years, CIEE Japan has developed a wide variety of programs and services for students and teachers at the secondary through university levels and for related constituencies.

Since 1981, CIEE has been working closely with Educational Testing Service (ETS) to administer the TOEFL® test and acts as a regional representative in Japan for various ETS products and services.
CIEE plays an important role as the TOEFL iBT® Resource Center and in promoting ETS products such as TOEFL ITP®, Criterion® and TOEFL iBT® Complete Practice Test.

CIEE Voluntary Programs

  • International Volunteer Projects
  • Conservation Volunteer in Oceania
  • Childcare Volunteer in Oceania
  • Volunteer in Asia
  • Teacher Assistant in USA
  • Volunteer in USA
  • Volunteer in Canada

Trainee Programs

  • Professional Career Training USA
  • Internship USA

Institutional Programs

  • MEXT Teacher/Administrator Training Programs
  • University Study Programs

Hosting Programs

  • International Volunteer Projects in Japan
  • Study Abroad
  • Faculty-Led and Custom Study Abroad
  • High School Summer Abroad

TOEFL® test Resource Center

  • Outreach Activities for TOEFL® test
  • TOEFL ITP® (Institutional Testing Program)
  • Criterion® (Online Writing Evaluation)
  • ETS Study Materials Online Store
  • TOEFL® test Seminars
  • ETS Propell® Workshop for theTOEFL iBT® Test
  • Web Magazine (TOEFL® Web Magazine)

Public Relations

  • Annual Conference for University Faculty and Administrators about International Educational Exchange Programs
  • On-Campus Students Presentations
  • Web Magazine (CIEE CLUB)

Travel Services

Registered fully licensed travel agency, Council Travel is providing all the travel services for groups.

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