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舘野 麗 マリアさん 舘野 麗 マリアさん
カナダ マギル大学進学
Maria Rei TATENO
McGill University, Canada

Hi, I am Maria Tateno and I go to McGill University in Canada. Living in Montreal has been very different from my past life in Tokyo; not only have I still managed to have a lot of fun, but I have also adapted to the cold Winter!

舘野 麗 マリアさん-学校の友人と

I love hanging out with my new friends and exploring the city. There are many cute cafes and boutiques here in Montreal that we visit over the weekend. Over the Winter break I went to Peru with my friend I met in McGill who I plan to live with next year (the desert picture is taken there). Academic wise, school work is tough but I am still studying hard! Overall, I am having a wonderful time here.

舘野 麗 マリアさん-ペルーやカナダでの思い出の写真