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*2005 Semester I Project feedback(原文のまま、抜粋)〜メルボルン大学より〜
Student A: first year Japanese 1 student

Hi sensei,

Sorry for the delay in my feedback. Anyway, I find the video session quite interesting. Although sometimes, because there is no set plan for the session, we've sort of gone off topic. In one of my groups, I can't understand the high level Japanese so I was quite lost most of the time =) There were a few memorable happenings! One was where the keio students said it was raining in Japan and one of the guys took an umbrella around the class. Another, during a chat session, one of them commented that one of the japanese girl on the video session (another group) is very kawaii! The chat was not a very good medium for communication i think because usually we don't get much out of it. Maybe it's the language barrier...but replies were slow. Video sessions are always interesting...although sometimes it's hard to understand their english.

Student B: first year Japanese 1 student

I thought the sessions were a good way to practice our japanese. talking to japanese people our age regularly was cool. the video conferencing was quite good. although with my bad ears, i had a bit of trouble hearing(or was the volume too low??). im happy that i could learn some extra japanese from the sessions too! :p

Student C: second year Japanese 2 student

I think the Japanese sessions were great and really useful for us who don't get to interact with Japanese people our own age very often. The video conference was embarrassing!

Most memorable talk: the chat sessions, especially the first one. Iyaaaa...

Student D: second year Japanese 2 student

This is my feedback on the session.

I think the session was good. I don't know if I contributed much to group or not but I really enjoyed going to the session, although sometimes I think the Keio students did not really prepare the questions that they needed to ask us.I also think that we got more out of the chat session rather than the video conference, because in the video conference I just didn't know what to reply and they ran out of questions, etc. But I still think that the web conference is good, because it forced us to think and try to answer in Japanese (and failed miserably ^^;;)

Talking to Japanese students regularly is great, even though I didn't think that I've improved my speaking skills by talking to them, but I think it has improved my listening skills. Other than that, I learnt a couple of things about Japanese education system, and the sanryo (am I writing it correctly?) system where the students stay back at the campus and do their projects/assignments in the library overnight.

About the memorable talk, I remember during one chat session, one of the Keio students had been staying up all night and he was drinking, so during our session he said that he has a hangover. And the one where one of them said that Keio was a school for samurai or something like that. I thought that was interesting :D.

I think that's about it. It's very long, nee. Sensei, will there be any sessions like this one for next semester?

Thanks very much for everything.

Student E: second year Japanese 2 student

the sessions were interesting and enjoyable as a result of numerous factors; the organisation of the sessions, the friendliness and commitment of the students and, the quality of the communication devices/programs.

I though that the sessions were organised quite well, allowing many students to be partnered with other like-minded students, in a series of environments that were friendly and laid-back enough for a lot of free communication to occur - that is we didn't only talk about whatever our partnered group's topic was. the jap students were friendly, and approachable - they were understanding of errors in language and provided a comfortable environment for us to practice our language skills - also as we met every week we were able to build on our experiences progressively which was a positive.
the mix of both video conferencing and typing chat was good as it gave me the ability to try out my japanese. I was much to embarrassed /shy to try speaking in japanese in front of the live-video, but in the chat room i was able to type in japanese a whole lot more.
I'm not sure what else needs to be said - i enjoyed it, i'd do it again.

Student F: second year Japanese 2 student

As for the feedback, it was enjoyable, but i found the Tuesday class a lot harder to communicate due to both our levels of Japanese/English. It would probably be better to have the people with good/better japanese skills to go with the lower skilled english Keio students and vice-versa. But other than that it was good to get some practice with speech and typing :)

doomo arigatou

Enjoy the holidays!! Don't overwork yourself.

Student G: forth year Japanese advance level student




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